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Slim Fit Blazer


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Introducing Farah Kimia’s Python Leather Slim Fit Blazer: Where Exotic Luxury Meets Tailored Sophistication. This slim-fit blazer, meticulously crafted from python leather, redefines sophistication with a hint of the exotic. The unique texture of python leather elevates its allure while maintaining a refined, tailored silhouette. Farah Kimia’s unwavering dedication to craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the precisely stitched seams to the elegant lapels, ensuring a blazer that not only exudes quality but also remains a timeless statement of tailored sophistication. Step into a world where classic meets exotic in the Python Leather Slim Fit Blazer – a testament to Farah Kimia’s legacy of exceptional fashion and design.

Color: Black

Material: Natural Python Leather



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