Who is Farah Kimia?

Farah Kimia is a designer of Persian and Turkish descent. Farah’s family has a long history and heritage of producing leather and fur garments. Early exposure to her family’s business has allowed Farah Kimia to master the technique of producing the finest quality of fur and leather, combining tradition with innovation. To further her knowledge in fashion, she decided to obtain a fine arts bachelors degree in Fashion Design by studying in Barcelona and Italy.

What is Farah Kimia about?

Farah Kimia is a ready-to-wear clothing brand, focusing on offering high-end outerwear for both men and women. Farah’s collection is comprised of a discerning selection of furs, leathers and exotic skins of the finest quality, which are ethically sourced.

What differentiates Farah Kimia is her attention to detail to craft unique pieces, creating timeless heirlooms. Additionally, Farah Kimia offers a made to measure service to create garments which are truly customised to her customers preferences and needs. Farah Kimia’s motto is “Not one- size-fits-all.” She believes that the customisation process allows her clients to celebrate and express their individuality and creativity. Comfort and made to measure is the new luxury, which can be achieved with simplicity and a perfectly fitting silhouette.

Farah Kimia’s mission is to support sustainable sources of European fur and deliver assurance of top quality, transparency and ethical sustainability to her customers. As the overuse of plastic is widely discussed the issue in our climate and ocean’s health, synthetic fur clothing is the culprit contributing to the micro-plastics issue. Ms Kimia’s vision is to raise this awareness and create everlasting garment pieces which are ethically supplied from fur auction house @Sagafurs, offering the highest quality of superior furs from strictly regulated European sources. Farah Kimia creates innovative pieces that can be worn on different occasions, and compliment different body types. Close attention to detail, hand stitching, premium quality of leather, furs and exotic skins combined with the highly skilled craftsmanship of pattern making allows the creation of finest outerwear garments.