The Eros Boot


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Introducing Farah Kimia’s Crocodile Pressed Print Black Leather Stiletto Boots: Where Exclusivity Meets Allure. Elevate your ensemble with high-calf boots, meticulously crafted from black leather adorned with a crocodile pressed print. The stiletto heel exudes sophistication, complemented by intricate hand-stitched details along the edges. These boots effortlessly merge elegance with flair, embodied in their sleek silhouette. Noteworthy are the unique buttoned flaps on both sides of the boot’s top, extending approximately 4 cm, adding an element of chic versatility. Every step resonates with Farah Kimia’s legacy. Immerse yourself in a world where luxury intertwines with meticulous design, in the Crocodile Pressed Print Black Leather Stiletto Boots.


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